Machinima Prime Commits Grand Theft Auto With ‘Chop ...

Machinima Prime Commits Grand Theft Auto With ‘Chop Shop’

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, Slash + More Examine ‘The ...

The way we listen to music over the years has changed, but how much are we sacrificing in order for convenience today? That’s the subject of the new documentary short film ‘The Distortion ... - New Landspeed racing documentary airs tonight

The documentary film Breaking Barriers races through a century of automotive straightline speed in one hour, with special concentration on three generations of land speed racers.


Need For Speed: It Kills and Thrills. Deal With It.

LA Times: Need For Reality

'Need for Speed' director Scott Waugh's need for reality. Don't even think CGI — the former stuntman uses up to 40 cameras for a single scene to put the audience in the driver's seat.

Gatorade and Dwyane Wade Give High School Basketball Team the ...

Director Jacob Rosenberg's new spot for Gatorade features a cameo from Dwyane Wade, giving an extreme makeover to a high school basketball team's locker room in New Orleans.

Banshee - Episode 2.05 - 2.08 - Episode Press Releases

Bandito director Loni Peristere directs an episode of Cinemax hit show "Banshee."

Toyota Takes Passengers on Roller Coaster Ride in a Camry

Toyota's latest commercial for its Camry shows a real-life event that the brand staged at Six Flags Magic Mountain over Labor Day weekend in September. To prove that the Camry is a thrilling ...

Lexus and 212 Instagram Users Create the App's First ...

At Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, Lexus brought together 212 Instagram users to create the first ever collaborative stop-motion film, featuring the new 2014 Lexus IS. Entitled ...

Paramont Insurge and Machina Team wth the Bandito Brothers for ...

Paramount's Insurge Pictures and Machinima today announced a partnership on a brand new web series called "Chop Shop. Created by Josh Baizer and Marshall Johnson ("Mortal Kombat: Legacy"), and ...


We’re less than two weeks away from the long-awaited third season premiere of TNT’s alien action-drama ‘Falling Skies,’ picking up another chapter in the ongoing war between humans ...

Spotlight: Jacob Rosenberg, Director, 'Waiting for Lightning'

How would you describe your approach to Waiting for Lightning? Jacob Rosenberg: Danny Way, our subject, is one of the most distinctive skateboarders and a pioneer of the grand scope and scale of ...


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